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There is a song by Gordie Mackeeman and His Rhythm Boys called ‘Heroes of the Sidewalk’ that I’ve decided is the most romantic song I’ve heard in ages.

Now it’s not your conventional love-song.  It’s an upbeat, sing-song, bluegrass-inspired duet between banjo and fiddle that tells the tale of a man in love with a woman who wants to embark on an adventure in their hometown.  With a little Robinhood style ‘let’s save the good and true people of this town’ sprinkled on top, to me, it is everything a Good Love should be.  The man sings of life with a woman he calls ‘sweetie’ and ‘cutie’, but who he also reveres as his ideal woman and who he loves as his equal.  ‘Sometimes you’ll lead the way’, he seems to say.  ‘Sometimes I’ll lead the way.  But where we go, we’ll go together.’  This man invites this woman on an adventure of a lifetime, not across oceans or through sparkling pathways in an idealised world, but in their hometown where they can work together to create a better world right where they are.

Fill our bags up with booty,

They won’t know what to think about us cutie,

We’ll be the heroes of the sidewalks in our town.

You’re my idea of a lady,

Hold onto my boot-straps baby,

And drag me around by your ponytail…

Above all, there is a light-heartedness to the music that reflects the energy of love at its best. Now, I’ve been with my partner a long time and of course life and love isn’t always upbeat, uninhibited joy.  Some days are about being down in the trenches getting things done, getting through tough times, or following individual dreams for awhile.  But the energy of this song…it’s what we should aspire to…and what love feels like when you strip everything else away.

And to be honest, if you can rhyme booty and cutie…well, hats off!

Enjoy…and if you have your own unconventional romantic song, send it my way!!!

3 thoughts on “Heroes of the Sidewalk

  1. Mark Geddes says:

    Hey Sarah! Mark here from the Rhythm Boys. Glad you enjoy the tune! It’s actually a cover of a really great, now defunct pop rock band from PEI called Two Hours Traffic. I’m sure it’s online somewhere – have a listen! Just wanted to give credit where credit’s due 🙂 Cheers!


    1. Hey Mark, thanks for stopping by and for the credit to Two Hours Traffic. I must say I love you guys’ version…some awesome playing thru the whole album actually. My four year old son prefers Gonna Get Out and will only listen to the ‘bouncy ones’ tho… 😄

  2. Beth Wilkerson says:

    What a happy slappy blog–just make me smile and feel good and very very true about everyday life!

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